003: The Distractingly Sexy Episode

In praise of a new generation. A rat forelimb has been grown in the lab! Lovely! Tossing and turning ain’t so good for your heart. President Obama signs into existence the Greater Farallones Marine Sanctuary. Genetic mutation found to block prion disease in tribe that once practiced ritual cannibalism. And good sir knight, you’re an asshole.

002: Because Science

Okay, a paleontologist announces discovery of a dinosaur and proposes marriage in same paper. What if the answer is “no”? Do you request the journal retract the paper? Learn the answer to this and so much more in today’s awesome episode!

001: Science and Poetry

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our new host Sophie McManus! Also, we have JD prattling on about science and poetry, as well as the Blue Streak Science News, and the A***ole of the Week!

000: A New Beginning

Welcome to the Blue Streak Science Podcast. Our mission is to talk about the latest science, and have fun doing it. So jump on board and let’s see where this thing goes!