072: Organic molecules on Mars, slowing hurricanes, dogs and influenza

Nevena steals Tom's thunder by covering a story about hurricanes. Tom manages to compose himself as he takes ushers us into the increasingly warm Climate Lounge.

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071: Pluto Has Dunes!

What? Pluto has dunes, and Chris so eloquently informs us that if we experienced the minor indiscretion of flatulence on the dwarf planet the little fart would freeze in the air and could result in a category 5 hurricane! A fart hurricane! Oh, the humanity!

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070: The Nipah Virus, Scientific Reports Retracts HPV Paper, Stolen Asteroid, and Survivor Birds!

What a great episode! JD was in rare form as he ranted…and ranted…and ranted about the A**h*le of the Month. We had dinosaurs, asteroids, mysterious viruses, and scientific self-correction. Oh, and this was also Chris' first go at the Pub Quiz!

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069: Talking LOUDLY About Sea Level Rise

With thunder rolling in the background, as if on cue, Tom Di Liberto takes us into the Climate Lounge. Amrita Sule and Sophie McManus get us up to speed on the Science News. JD emcees the boisterous bacchanalia we call the Pub Quiz.

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068: Amphibians, Solar Panels, Transitional Fossils, and Richard Feynman

It was just Chris and JD running this mighty podcast today, and don't you think they did a great job? Check it out!

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067: Volcanos, Bird Beaks, Glass Houses, and the Multiverse

Coming up on this week’s show The Climate Lounge with Tom Di Liberto, and the return of the What the Hell Was That...

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