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122 Searching for Mars Fossils and Finding Lost Species

On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister Science News with Chris MacAlister Mars 2020 Rover is Going to a Place on Mars That’s Perfect for Preserving Fossils Chris MacAlister Life on Mars! Bloody life on Mars! People keep on going on about it. It may be living on Mars? Okay it isn’t. But...

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121 Cosmological Crisis

The more you know, the more you don’t know. Ain’t that the truth! The more we know about the universe the more confusing and contradictory it seems to get. Nevena talks about this crisis in cosmology in today’s episode of Blue Streak Science.

Oh, there’s so much more than that. Join us.

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120 Wildfire…again!

In California we’ve noticed that winegrape harvests have shifted to earlier and earlier due to a warmer climate over the past few decades. Along with this shift in agriculture we’ve also experienced extended and more catastrophic fire seasons.
Last week the huge Kincade fire swept through Sonoma County, and threatened several towns, including a neighborhood that was incinerated only two years ago.

In today’s episode we learn of JD’s experience in this “new normal” of climate change.

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119 The Blob!

Every one of you listening to this podcast — look out because soon, very soon, the most horrifying monster menace every conceived will be oozing into this podcast. There’s no stopping the blob as it spreads from town to town. It’s indestructible! It’s indescribable! Nothing can stop it! Mob hysteria sweeps one city, before long the nation, and then the world could fall before the blood-curdling threat of — The Blob!

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118 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Paleo Soup Cans, and Good News from the UK

As science news went this week, it was all over the map. Continuing from last week’s Nobel Prizes, we moved to Pleistocene food storage, and a green milestone for the UK.

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117 In Praise of the Negative

Knowledge of failure is knowledge nonetheless. Chris MacAlister talks about why scientists and journals should share negative results as well as confirmatory results.

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116 A Bad Case of the Vapers

I do declare. I believe I have a case of the vapers! Or is it vapors? In either case hospitals are seeing an influx of hipsters, and some are even dying because of vaping. Also, we introduce “Meme Busters” in today’s episode.

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115 How Dare You!

In a tumultuous week on the world stage the science story of the week was brought to us by a 16 year old kid.

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114 Going Bananas!

The world is going bananas! What? Bananas could die out from one disease? Say it ain’t so!

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113 Apollo 11

Fifty years since Apollo 11 first brought humankind to the Moon? No, it doesn’t seem like yesterday. It’s been way too long since we’ve left the comfort and safety of Earth orbit. Let’s go back to the Moon and beyond! On This Week’s Show A recent visit to an asteroid Why catching a cold may...

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112 We Go to the Dogs

There is no doubt that human consciousness is remarkable, but it may not be the only show in town, and once you start considering that this entire field gets a whole lot more interesting.

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111 Limits of Human Endurance

As a listener of the Blue Streak Science Podcast you already know about the limits of human endurance. However, this study took a look at super-marathon runners…

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