060: From The Ashes We Rise

In early October the Tubbs Fire overtook and destroyed our beautiful home in northern California. The fire not only destroyed our home, but incinerated our entire neighborhood of 1,200 homes. Sadly, four of our neighbors were killed in the awful conflagration. Today the Blue Streak Science Podcast resumes operations. Thanks to our wonderful audience for sticking with us during these difficult times. We’re back!

059: Interview with Dr. Milan Chheda: Targeting Brain Cancer with the Zika Virus

Today we welcome Dr. Milan Chheda of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Chheda is a senior co-author of a paper published earlier this month in the Journal of Experimental Medicine titled “Zika virus has oncolytic activity against glioblastoma stem cells”. Not only is the research truly exciting, but it also illustrates some of the greatest characteristics of science and scientists. For example, thinking differently and quite unconventionally; in this case to attack such a complex and deadly form of cancer with a dangerous virus.

058: Museum Wars, Snow Leopards, Ig Nobel Awards, and Environmental Justice

A very full episode today. We bid farewell to Cassini. We hardly knew ye. A silly war of tweets between the Science Museum and The Natural History Museum gave us an excuse to hurl some oneupmanship at one another. Environmental justice was the topic of the week in the Climate Lounge. The competition is fierce and scores get closer in the Pub Quiz.

006: Implausible Denial

Science. You can’t deny it. It’s what makes our world work; from medicine to engineering, science is the primary driver of human progress. However, there are some in the world who would rather not be inconvenienced by the science.

005: Free Education

From kindergarten through 12th grade every child in the United States has the right to attend school free of charge. But should we have a right to a college education?

004: Are Children Born Scientists?

We romanticize childhood in so many ways. For example, we look at our children and see little scientists. After all, they’re naturally curious and they even conduct basic experiments that help them to understand their surroundings.

003: The Distractingly Sexy Episode

In praise of a new generation. A rat forelimb has been grown in the lab! Lovely! Tossing and turning ain’t so good for your heart. President Obama signs into existence the Greater Farallones Marine Sanctuary. Genetic mutation found to block prion disease in tribe that once practiced ritual cannibalism. And good sir knight, you’re an asshole.

002: Because Science

Okay, a paleontologist announces discovery of a dinosaur and proposes marriage in same paper. What if the answer is “no”? Do you request the journal retract the paper? Learn the answer to this and so much more in today’s awesome episode!

001: Science and Poetry

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our new host Sophie McManus! Also, we have JD prattling on about science and poetry, as well as the Blue Streak Science News, and the A***ole of the Week!

000: A New Beginning

Welcome to the Blue Streak Science Podcast. Our mission is to talk about the latest science, and have fun doing it. So jump on board and let’s see where this thing goes!