088: Nobel Prize Week Begins!

Last week it was the fun stuff, but this week it’s that most serious of awards ceremonies, The Nobel Prize Awards. Sophie gives us the low-down on this year’s winner in the category of Medicine and Physiology. JD breaks in with a newsflash, as one does, with Nobel Prize in Physics.

087: Japan Threatens To Resume Industrial-scale Whale Slaughter

Science marches forward, but sometimes nations take a step or two backward. This is the case in recent years with my own country, and we’re not alone in our regression to a lesser form of ourselves. The government of Japan is throwing an international temper tantrum because the majority of nations do not want to fall back to the old ways of wanton slaughter of whales for commercial profit. Yes, we’re judging. And the verdict speaks poorly of this great nation. Japan can, and must do better.

086: Time And Relative Dimension In Space

A slight diversion from the usual format today. But hey, do we know how to turn out a science podcast or what? Chris and JD talked about everything from cigarette smoker kids to self-administered colonoscopies. And of course, this episode was custom-made for all the Whovians out there. You know WHO you are.

085: Climate Change & Hurricanes – What’s the Deal?

It’s that time of year again, the peak of hurricane season. At the moment this episode goes live the people of America’s southeast coast are bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Florence, a storm with historic and deadly potential. At the same time the President of the United States has denied that thousands of Americans died as a result of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

084: A Leak On The International Space Station

Shhhh!!! You hear that? No? It sounds like a kind of hissing-whining sound. What is that? Is it a leak? It can’t be a leak! We’re on the International Space Station! Seriously, was that you? Tell me it was you.

083: Evidence of Neanderthal/Denisovan Hybridization

Seriously, an empathy expert under fire for bullying? | Mama is a Neanderthal and Daddy is a Denisovan | Earth’s Quick Flippin’ Magnetic Field | Ancient Turtle Had No Shell | A****** of the Month: Tokyo Medical University | Pub Quiz

082: Dr. Kaeli Swift – Crow Thanatology

Interview with Dr. Kaeli Swift – Crow Thanatology | Cancer drugs may help the liver recover from common painkiller overdoses | Earliest galaxies found ‘on our cosmic doorstep’ | Crows Tidy Up Amusement Park in France | The Climate Lounge – The Earth Is One Heck Of A Resilient Place | Pub Quiz

081: Amber Stuver, Ph.D. – Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory

We had a great time talking to our guest today, Dr. Amber Stuver, who is an assistant professor of Physics at Villanova University and is also a member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, better known as LIGO. Our team of dangerous scientists brought their A-game with the Science News, the Climate Lounge, and the Pub Quiz!

080: Grant Ballard – Point Blue Conservation Science

Interview with Dr. Grant Ballard of Point Blue Conservation Science | Hurricane Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico over 1,100 | The Trump Administration Proposes to Scrap Automobile Fuel Efficiency Standards | A new White House science officer, finally! | California Hits Its Emissions Target Years Early!

079: Heatwaves and Wildfires in the Climate Lounge!

The month of August has just begun, and “fire season” in the west of North America has barely begun. The peak doesn’t arrive until late September, but we’re already seeing another season of devastation exacerbated by global climate change. Europe and North America are likely entering into uncharted territory when it comes to wildfires. Pack up a disaster kit, we just may need it.