062: Wine and Woodpeckers

Another show where we extol the virtues of the sublime elixir of the vineyard. C’mon, who doesn’t love wine?

061: New Blood Test for Cancer, and so much more!

Continuing the momentum after the return from the forced hiatus. we talk about everything from a new blood test for cancer, wandering sea snakes, to Donald Trump’s science report card.

060: From The Ashes We Rise

In early October the Tubbs Fire overtook and destroyed our beautiful home in northern California. The fire not only destroyed our home, but incinerated our entire neighborhood of 1,200 homes. Sadly, four of our neighbors were killed in the awful conflagration. Today the Blue Streak Science Podcast resumes operations. Thanks to our wonderful audience for sticking with us during these difficult times. We’re back!

059: Interview with Dr. Milan Chheda: Targeting Brain Cancer with the Zika Virus

Today we welcome Dr. Milan Chheda of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Chheda is a senior co-author of a paper published earlier this month in the Journal of Experimental Medicine titled “Zika virus has oncolytic activity against glioblastoma stem cells”. Not only is the research truly exciting, but it also illustrates some of the greatest characteristics of science and scientists. For example, thinking differently and quite unconventionally; in this case to attack such a complex and deadly form of cancer with a dangerous virus.