Month: October 2019

119 The Blob!

Every one of you listening to this podcast — look out because soon, very soon, the most horrifying monster menace every conceived will be oozing into this podcast. There’s no stopping the blob as it spreads from town to town. It’s indestructible! It’s indescribable! Nothing can stop it! Mob hysteria sweeps one city, before long the nation, and then the world could fall before the blood-curdling threat of — The Blob!

118 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Paleo Soup Cans, and Good News from the UK

As science news went this week, it was all over the map. Continuing from last week’s Nobel Prizes, we moved to Pleistocene food storage, and a green milestone for the UK.

117 In Praise of the Negative

Knowledge of failure is knowledge nonetheless. Chris MacAlister talks about why scientists and journals should share negative results as well as confirmatory results.

116 A Bad Case of the Vapers

I do declare. I believe I have a case of the vapers! Or is it vapors? In either case hospitals are seeing an influx of hipsters, and some are even dying because of vaping. Also, we introduce “Meme Busters” in today’s episode.

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