Month: June 2018

074: The Life and Legacy of Koko the Gorilla

Sophie and JD discussed the recent death of Koko, the famous gorilla who learned sign language. Also in the podcast are how some parts of the world are still struggling with high rates of HIV/AIDS, and news of the recent finding of all the stuff in the universe. This week’s Asshole of the Month is an ABSolute jerk.

073: Antarctic Melt Rate Triples!

The Antarctic melt rate has tripled in recent years and is accelerating. Those here today will not suffer the worst of this. But our children, and our grandchildren beyond them will ask why we let this happen to them. This is our lasting legacy.

072: Organic molecules on Mars, slowing hurricanes, dogs and influenza

Nevena steals Tom’s thunder by covering a story about hurricanes. Tom manages to compose himself as he escorts us into the increasingly warm Climate Lounge.

071: Pluto Has Dunes!

What? Pluto has dunes, and Chris so eloquently informs us that if we experienced the minor indiscretion of flatulence on the dwarf planet the little fart would freeze in the air and could result in a category 5 hurricane! A fart hurricane! Oh, the humanity!

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