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069: Talking LOUDLY About Sea Level Rise

With thunder rolling in the background, as if on cue, Tom Di Liberto takes us into the Climate Lounge. Amrita Sule and Sophie McManus get us up to speed on the Science News. JD emcees the boisterous bacchanalia we call the Pub Quiz.

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068: Amphibians, Solar Panels, Transitional Fossils, and Richard Feynman

It was just Chris and JD running this mighty podcast today, and don't you think they did a great job? Check it out!

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067: Volcanos, Bird Beaks, Glass Houses, and the Multiverse

Coming up on this week’s show The Climate Lounge with Tom Di Liberto, and the return of the What the Hell Was That game! Science News: Kilauea Volcano Erupts How birds got their beaks Kew Gardens Glasshouse Reopens Stephen Hawking's Final Theory About The Multiverse Science News with Sophie McManus and Nevena Hristozova Kilauea Volcano...

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066: The Heart of Mars

Coming up on this week’s show Mysterious ice holes, INSIGHT into the interior of Mars, Early Grants are the Ticket, The Climate Lounge, and This Week in Science History   Listener feedback Regarding our story last week on plastic-eating bacteria, SC on Twitter writes: There was a scifi play on BBC tv in the 70’s...

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065: Plastic-eating Bacteria to the Rescue

On this week's show Science news Plastic-eating Bacteria to the Rescue? “Warm Transplants” Save Livers and Lives Ibuprofen and acetaminophen (paracetamol) reduce dental pain more effectively than opioids TESS in the search of exoplanets Asshole of the Month! Science News Plastic-eating Bacteria to the Rescue? Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war! I’m not talking...

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064: Astronomy Meets Biology, Harpoons and Nets

Coming up on this week's show The Climate Lounge with Tom Di Liberto, and the Pub Quiz! Science News: Conservationists use astronomy software to save species Scientists find signs of new brain cells in older adults Hybrid swarm in global mega-pest This Space Junk Removal Experiment Will Harpoon & Net Debris in Orbit Science News...

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063: Introducing Cheddar Man!

Coming up on this week's show The Climate Lounge with Tom Di Liberto. Science News: Tree rings reveal increased fire risk for southwestern US Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin Wikipedia has become a science reference source even though scientists don’t cite it Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully Science News...

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062: Wine and Woodpeckers

Another show where we extol the virtues of the sublime elixir of the vineyard. C'mon, who doesn't love wine?

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061: New Blood Test for Cancer, and so much more!

Continuing the momentum after the return from the forced hiatus. we talk about everything from a new blood test for cancer, wandering sea snakes, to Donald Trump's science report card.

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